Mattie & Tucker
photo by Marilynn Terstegge

I was exposed to photography (yes, I like to be punny) at an early age.  While I was growing up, Mom was rarely found without a still or movie camera in hand.  My granddad, father, brother, and life-long bestfriend were also photographers, so I was thoroughly surrounded.  But with Mom, it wasn’t so much a hobby as it was something that was almost as necessary to her as breathing.  I suspect she passed that passion on to me.

I photograph lots of different things, but my favorite things to photograph are animals – whether in action or repose – and people with animals.  I don’t just stick to my favorites, though.  I love to learn and grow, which means I work hard to build skill and knowledge in all kinds of photography.  As I broaden my portfolio, I will update with more subjects.

My business is named not just after myself, but also after a horse, my beloved Tucker.  Having Tucker in my life for 24 amazing years brought me awesome adventures and relationships, as well as the simple joy of his sweet, affectionate personality.  Tucker was always up for going new places and meeting new people.  I like to think that the bond I had with him is what gives me an extra little something that I bring to the photographs I take and the relationships I build.